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Noun1.bowling pin - a club-shaped wooden object used in bowlingbowling pin - a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target
bowling equipment - equipment used in bowling
candlepin - a bowling pin that is thin by comparison with a tenpin
duckpin - a bowling pin that is short and squat by comparison with a tenpin
headpin, kingpin - the front bowling pin in the triangular arrangement of ten pins
ninepin, skittle, skittle pin - a bowling pin of the type used in playing ninepins or (in England) skittles
tenpin - one of the bottle-shaped pins used in bowling
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A mere [pounds sterling]2 would buy you a "very used condition" bowling pin, from the popular, now closed,MFA Bowlon Westgate Road, Fenham.
The bowling pin shape of the "K-zone" on the old FBI target was seen as encompassing the "vital areas." Hold a bowling pin with its bottom level with your solar plexus, and you'll see it widens to the width of a human heart at its fattest spot, and its neck is about level with the cervical spine.
OK, a bit of background and physics on bowling pin shooting.
"The bowling pin is gone - it's a snowman if anything at all."
On Tuesday, based on early, fuzzy images taken the day before, scientists said Ultima Thule resembled a bowling pin. But when better, closer pictures arrived, a new consensus emerged Wednesday.
In all but the event that used to be called the "Nine-Pin Tipover," the heavy regulation bowling pin targets have to be blown as much as three feet back off a steel table.
The ball knocks over a bowling pin, tugging a rope that swings open a birdcage.
Remington solved that problem by coating the Model 700 stock with what company advertisements described as the "RKW Bowling Pin Finish." Developed by DuPont for coating bowling pins, it was applied not only to the outside of the stock but also over the surfaces of its inletting and beneath the butt plate or recoil pad.
arms plastered to her sides, erect as a bowling pin, with a trance-like
For the older folks, the library offering includes a bowling pin, an old car and a horseshoe.
And the same load under a 124-grain jacketed hollowpoint even worked in the nine-pin event for local bowling pin shooting.
Not until then did I realize I had pulled on my wife's jeans, and because she was a foot shorter and 90 pounds lighter, I looked like an upside down bowling pin.