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Noun1.bowling shoe - a special shoe worn when bowling
bowling equipment - equipment used in bowling
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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The Sole Protector will be easy to implement with any model of bowling shoe and will provide its users with a solid base and traction.
Though his invention, the bowling ball, led to a less pleasing one - that abomination for feet, the bowling shoe.
While inexplicably trying to look like a bowling shoe, our new phone had left nothing but a loud humming sound on my fancy (aka rubbish) recording device.
Burgundy and black leather, it - the one he has left - looks like a bowling shoe.
You get nice soft shoes to wear but I have not reached the stage where I am buying my own bowling shoes yet.
Bowling shoes and a choice of weights of bowling ball are included in the game fee.
Other features include a 30-ft-tall orange squeezer, a '50s bowling apparatus imported from Texas, and a collection of vintage bowling shoes.
In March last year we told how sordid sex scenes involving two women and a man carrying bowling shoes were secretly filmed at the bowling complex.
The club was able to purchase several of the bowling arms after receiving funding from Thirteen Group, as well as some extra cash for the players to don new bowling shoes which they loan.
Batting first Hedge Top could only post 144-7, Chris Greenwood finding his bowling shoes with 4-34.
Sordid scenes of graphic sex involving two women and a man carrying bowling shoes were filmed at the PLS Bowling Complex in Stirchley.
MS Quaintance con-firmed the venue will not be asking people using the bowling alley to wear bowling shoes.