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or bow·wow  (bou′wou′)
a. The bark of a dog.
b. Informal A dog.
2. Outcry; clamor.
3. An overbearing manner.
Commanding, especially in an arrogant manner.



(ˈbaʊˌwaʊ, -ˈwaʊ)

1. the bark of a dog.
2. an imitation of this.
3. Chiefly Baby Talk. a dog.
[1570–80; imitative]
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Pre-registration is encouraged for the BowWOW contest.
PRIZE pooches will take a bowwow at a Solihull dog show with a difference on Sunday, July 7.
He has a long list of 1-2-3 words, including ACACIA, HORROR, NEEDED, COCOON, PEPPER, BEDDED, WEDDED, POWWOW, BOWWOW and HUBBUB.
Made by cosmetics giant OPI, PAWlish requires only one coat, dries quickly, and comes in six bold, bright shades, poodle pink, bowwow green, mutt's new purple, fire hydrant red, yuppy puppy silver, and doghouse blues.
Second semi: 1L ady Angelina (5-2), 2 Big BowWow (28), 3 Droopys Connery (m) (12), 4 Maiden Flight (m) (8), 5 Cooly Baloo (w) (6), 6 Mentors Call (w) (50).
They are known to have codeveloped Bowlingual, a palm-sized gadget that ''translates'' the feeling of a dog by analyzing its bowwow.
A humble touch for meal times, Target offers a placemat just for the beloved bowwow.