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1. One who makes or sells bows for archery.
2. Archaic An archer.


a person who makes or sells archery bows


(ˈboʊ yər)

a maker or seller of archers' bows.
[1150–1200; Middle English bogiere, bouwyer; see bow2, -yer]
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Bowyer," said Rosamond, with one of her rare smiles.
The use of digital printing epitomizes Bowyers lean operating approach.
For small companies that have reached the limits of their growth or that don't have the operating capital to make improvements, Bowyers stresses that selling to a company like Tapp can allow owners to leave a legacy and continue to provide jobs for employees.
Although Bowyers not planning any further acquisitions in the West, he's considering Virginia, New York, Texas or Florida.
In a little over a year, Tapp Label's growth is a result of Bowyer systematically purchasing label companies across North America, an approach that may be worth emulating.
Bowyer has not only found a way to compress the timeline, he has acquired four companies during an 18-month period.
17:51 +4479394*** in a footbaling sense bowyers signing is execelent and if he can rediscover his leeds days newcastle wil have got the signing of the sumer
17:33 +4479844*** Bowyers perfect 4 the team so let them get on and play football.
17:10 +4477756*** I hope bowyers contract has lots of clauses.
Bowyer may have a bad reputation but Sir Bobby Robson is the perfect manager to get the best out him.
FOOTBALLER Lee Bowyer may have to go to court again over the attack on 21-year-old student Sarfraz Najeib.
Bowyer, 26, and three others in the original Hull trial may now appear at the High Court, London.