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1. One who makes or sells bows for archery.
2. Archaic An archer.


a person who makes or sells archery bows


(ˈboʊ yər)

a maker or seller of archers' bows.
[1150–1200; Middle English bogiere, bouwyer; see bow2, -yer]
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Bowyer," said Rosamond, with one of her rare smiles.
17:51 +4479394*** in a footbaling sense bowyers signing is execelent and if he can rediscover his leeds days newcastle wil have got the signing of the sumer
17:33 +4479844*** Bowyers perfect 4 the team so let them get on and play football.
17:10 +4477756*** I hope bowyers contract has lots of clauses.
Bowyer may have a bad reputation but Sir Bobby Robson is the perfect manager to get the best out him.
I'LL BE deLEEted if Bowyer joins the Toon - just what we need.
COME on Bowyer, show us your stuff - JOHN LAYTON, Low Fell.
Another fantastic signing as players like Bowyer will make us champions.
This time last year Liverpool offered pounds 9 million for Bowyer - now that is a risk
BOWYER was found not quilty - Woodgate was quilty and there was no moaning when he signed.
FOOTBALLER Lee Bowyer may have to go to court again over the attack on 21-year-old student Sarfraz Najeib.
Bowyer, 26, and three others in the original Hull trial may now appear at the High Court, London.