Trough gutter

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(Arch.) a rectangular or V-shaped gutter, usually hung below the eaves of a house.

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Layer, Deliver and install 1 210.00 m 2 deliver and install concrete edging stones 510.00 m deliver and install gravel 28.00 m 3 deliver and install flat strip steel 750.00 m building constructions in outdoor facilities wall slices 520 pieces technical systems in outdoor facilities box gutter dn 100, A15 deliver and install 125.00 m slit channel dn 100 deliver and install 110.00 m supply and install seeping pack, Total 21 pieces 50.00 m 3 deliver and install the mast luminaire 13.00 pc.
230 m aluminum cornice box gutter with cornice, coated, - approx.
box gutter at bedipara bhala bharwad street in ward no.4 (re-tender)
Pent roof; 1.5 m lm roof box gutter; 9.5 m lm suspended box channel; 20 pcs flat roof fall protection; 21 pcs flat roof fall protection on raw ceiling; 195 m connecting means rope; 695 m 2 polyester fleece; 300 m 2 gravel bed d = 50 mm; 77 m 2 concrete slabs 50 i 50; 55 m 2 building protection mat; 1 pc steering system lift shaft smoke removal; 1 ea roof hood for shaft ventilation / smoke extraction.