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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - resembling a box in rectangularity
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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There were an aneroid and another box-shaped instrument hanging from the ring.
Built at the Oshima shipyard in Japan, the Federal Bering and its sister-ships have box-shaped holds in order to facilitate the handling of general cargo.
The tiny, box-shaped spacecraft have emerged in the last 16 years as a quick viable way to test components and techniques that, if proven, can be applied to much larger missions where the stakes are far greater than a simple, 4-inch cube, according to NASA.
They are box-shaped with a large central circular speaker grille.
The timing, angle and speed of the release are crucial because, once on its way, there is nothing the scientists on the ground can do to change the trajectory of the box-shaped 100-kilogramme (220.
e box-shaped building houses a gigantic vertical helix assembly machine (VHAM) and extrusion line, enabling the production of extremely long-length umbilicals, of considerable diameter, while incorporating large numbers of components to meet the industry's worldwide requirements for the foreseeable future.
A new box shape (for box-shaped cargo) has been adopted in this model, to meet the requirement of high efficient loading and shipment not only of bulk cargo such as grain and coal but also of square-shaped cargo such as pulp and steel products such as pipes.
The tank has a distinctive box-shaped, steel-welded turret of local design.
With the box-shaped percussion instrument on the ready, a large crowd of cajon aficionados slapped their hands in unison against the drum box declared a National Patrimony back in 2001 by Peru's National Institute of Culture.
Iran's Zolfaqar tank has a distinctive box-shaped, steel-welded turret and is operated by a crew of three.
Fendi sent down interesting box-shaped bags with a tiny top handle which left most of us wondering what it actually is, while Christopher Kane brought goth back to the runway and fashioned a series of square-shaped, printed clutches which fashionistas everywhere are already raving about.
In white chalk, on concrete walls, a box-shaped Humvee; two antennae rising like balloons from the hatch; a stick-soldier holding a machine gun; he waves at us, us, in the Humvees.