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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - resembling a box in rectangularity
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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There were an aneroid and another box-shaped instrument hanging from the ring.
The gala, which hands out popcorn box-shaped prize statuettes in a free-wheeling televised gala, will take place on June 18 in Los Angeles.
The firm resells Intel's Next Unit Of Computing - a small box-shaped computer that contains an entire system in its tiny chassis.
Roof solid wall construction steel 219 m, Roof gutter titanium zinc d 1 mm pre-weathered, Cutting-b 500 mm box-shaped gutter holder 16 m.
Smaller staddle stones were made and used to support small roofed box-shaped larders used on large estates for storage of game from shooting expeditions.
The system's cell-binding substrates are specifically formulated for maintaining and expanding primary cells in culture, in a box-shaped instrument that is just over 1 foot.
M38 is an opulent gathering with a few individual cluster stars flickering in and out of view against a box-shaped haze.
The Vertebeam product is a nested, box-shaped beam that is tapered through its length, resulting in less steel being used and therefore increasing cost-effectiveness.
They are box-shaped with a large central circular speaker grille.
The timing, angle and speed of the release are crucial because, once on its way, there is nothing the scientists on the ground can do to change the trajectory of the box-shaped 100-kilogramme (220.
e box-shaped building houses a gigantic vertical helix assembly machine (VHAM) and extrusion line, enabling the production of extremely long-length umbilicals, of considerable diameter, while incorporating large numbers of components to meet the industry's worldwide requirements for the foreseeable future.
The tank has a distinctive box-shaped, steel-welded turret of local design.