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1. A fully enclosed railroad car, typically having sliding side doors, used to transport freight.
2. boxcars A throw of two dice that turns up six spots on each.
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Noun1.boxcars - (usually plural) an expression used when two dice are thrown and both come up showing six spots
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
12, dozen, twelve, XII - the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one
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There was said to be two thousand dollars a week hush money from the tubercular steers alone; and as much again from the hogs which had died of cholera on the trains, and which you might see any day being loaded into boxcars and hauled away to a place called Globe, in Indiana, where they made a fancy grade of lard.
[170 Pages Report] Railcar Leasing Market research report categorizes the global market by Railcar Type (Hopper Cars, Boxcars, Tank Cars, Flat Cars, Gondolas, Intermodal, Refrigerated Box Cars, Other Rail Cars), By End Use Markets (Agri-Produce, Forestry and F&B Products, Mining Products, Petrochemical & Gases, Automotive & Components, Energy Equipment & Products, Rail Products, Industrial Goods, Construction Goods), & By Region.
TTX's pool of railcars--over 160,000 cars--is ideal for supporting shippers in the intermodal, automotive, paper & forest, metals, machinery, wind energy and other markets where flatcars, boxcars and gondolas are required.
When growers contemplate transporting their produce via rail boxcars, they sometimes harbor concerns about pallets and empty space within the cars.
Summary: The boxcars segment as compared to other railcar types is expected to witness the highest revenue growth, accounting for a value of over US$ 900 Mn by the end of 2022.
At 1 p.m., visitors can return to the O'Neal gymnasium for light refreshments and to watch the documentary "Project 2-3-1: Two Boxcars, Three Blocks, One City -- A Story of Elgin's African American Heritage." A traveling exhibit associated with the film will be on display at the school.
Allied airmen seeking to escape with aid from the French were considered "political prisoners." Packed into boxcars in lots of seventy, several French and two American airmen managed to pry open the floor of a boxcar and escaped before the train left Paris.
Viewed today, the machine-gun slaughter of a group of Polish Jews being rounded up for deportation and herded into boxcars plays as docudrama.
It designs and builds quality rail cars such as coal cars, bulk commodity cars, covered hopper cars, inter-modal and non-inter-modal flat cars, mill gondola cars, coil steel cars and boxcars.
Riverside Rail's railcar fleet includes a mix of covered hoppers, coal cars, mill gondolas, boxcars and centerbeams.