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adj. box·i·er, box·i·est
Resembling a box, especially in simplicity or rectangularity.

box′i·ness n.
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the quality of being boxy
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When the current Pilot (third generation) came out, it has a more aero design than its boxy predecessor because the feedback that Honda received from customers that they thought the second-generation vehicle, because of its boxiness, was fuel inefficient.
In view of that, my longtime dermatologist relaxed my masseter with toxins, undoing the boxiness of my face.
When Pamela Reed, 33, and Matthew Rader, 34, virtual reality directors in Brooklyn, decided they needed to escape the city, they were content with the plain, unmodified container they put on 7 acres they bought in Hobart, New York."We always kind of liked the aesthetic " the raw, modern boxiness of it," Rader said.
I didn't see darkness so much as I projected, through my other senses, the outlines of spaces I was moving through--the wide boxiness of a classroom with its sound-muffling carpeting; the echoes of a skinny hallway stretching far ahead.
The clever trick is that the designers have disguised the car's inherent boxiness with neat detailing like the split high-level tail lights.
I don't like the boxiness or the bright white lettering on the side, and the controls look cheap (even though they aren't).
However, their views on the "boxiness" of Upmeads looks was not something they were presenting as a negative.
The latest version isn't a bad looking car, particularly in a segment that has boxiness as its basic blueprint in order to maximise practicality.
The latest version is easy on the eye, even bringing an element of design flair to a segment that has boxiness as its basic blueprint.
The new redesign has smoothed out the boxiness, given it a sexier rear and a bolder chrome grill. Hardware The PS4 is sleek, simple and stylish, with sharp angular lines to offset its natural boxiness. More than 20 games will be available on day one, from blockbusters such as FIFA 14, Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 to exclusives such as racing game Driveclub, shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall and family platformer Knack.