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Adj.1.boxlike - resembling a box in rectangularity
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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The building is a housing facility for the elderly, completed shortly before the Danziger Studio and Residence, and, like it, is essentially a boxlike form facing a similarly busy urban street.
Repeated details reward obsessive rereading: screens and mirrors and canvases, crawl spaces and miniature, boxlike units that people (and cats and raccoons) inhabit, from a sofa bed to a casket to the box that contains Building Stories itself.
Roland, a sleek, boxlike wooden sculpture with sections painted solidly in black or white.
Such optical guesswork continued as one stepped into Kaspar Muller's room, though the Zurich artist's boxlike sculptures could not be more different otherwise.
To these dual fields of carpet, Djordjadze had added a series of ad hoc constructions, including a boxlike, jerry-rigged structure of metal mesh, plaster, and wire, set on a mirror and capped by a varnished-wood floor tile; opposite this, on the far end of the carpet, was a fireplace screen slathered in white plaster, save for a square segment left clean, which neatly corresponded with the boxlike object it faced.
The elements are so deep in relation to the area of their faces that they are boxlike objects thrusting into space, and their objectlike character is emphasized by the fact that the visible sides of each are painted.
Little Cammy, 2010, consisted of two video projections: In one, shown on the side wall of a hall outside the main gallery, six people push a boxlike hut--each of its sides more than six feet across--until it tumbles over; the other, projected on a monitor set in the same hut, shows Izumi standing inside it, his face and body smeared with the paints of various colors, flour, and other materials that splash over him from falling buckets above him as the hut tips over.
Eclipsed from the entranceway by one of Andrade Tudela's partitions are nine boxlike structures.
It is a large, black, boxlike form resembling a skewed letter I, whose closely woven fabric surface is punctuated by two plastic orifices.
But if individual works seem unruly and perhaps even unfinished, the show as a whole was arranged with minimalist elegance--Spence's placement of the boxlike objects on the floor offered plenty of breathing room.
Kit Fan reminds us that in this city, "millions of homemade voices [are] in an impasse, / in fissures, in boxlike existences / where one language is never enough." Bei Dao asks: "How do we dwell poetically in Hong Kong?"
Ole Krag and Erik Jorgensen, the director and head engineer of the Norwegian state arsenal, Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk, the Krag-Jorgensen's most distinguishing features was a boxlike receiver with the magazine, placed horizontally under the bolt, that was loaded manually through a hinged gate on the right side and a bolt with a single, frontal locking lug.