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 (bō-yär′, boi′ər)
A member of a class of higher Russian nobility that until the time of Peter I headed the civil and military administration of the country and participated in an early duma.

[Alteration (influenced by French boyard, from Russian boyarin) of Early Modern English boiaren, from Russian boyarin, from Old Russian bolyarinŭ, from Old Church Slavonic, probably from Bulgar Turkic (Turkic language of a Turkic tribe that settled in the Volga and Danube basins in the early Middle Ages ) *boyla er, noble man : boyla, Turkic nobleman of a rank below a khan (akin to Old Turkic boylā) + *er, man (akin to Turkish Old Turkic er).]


(ˈbəʊjɑː; ˈbɔɪə)
(Heraldry) a member of an old order of Russian nobility, ranking immediately below the princes: abolished by Peter the Great
[C16: from Old Russian boyarin, from Old Slavonic boljarinǔ, probably from Old Turkic boila a title]


(boʊˈyɑr, ˈbɔɪ ər)

also bo•yard

(-ˈyɑrd, -ərd)

1. a member of the nobility of Russia, before Peter the Great.
2. a member of a former privileged class in Romania.
[1585–95; earlier boiaren < Russian boyárin]
References in classic literature ?
From the height of the Kremlin- yes, there is the Kremlin, yes- I will give them just laws; I will teach them the meaning of true civilization, I will make generations of boyars remember their conqueror with love.
A general with a brilliant suite galloped off at once to fetch the boyars.
His speech to the boyars had already taken definite shape in his imagination.
They were not alarmed by the fact that Moscow had been abandoned by its inhabitants (grave as that fact seemed), but by the question how to tell the Emperor- without putting him in the terrible position of appearing ridiculous- that he had been awaiting the boyars so long in vain: that there were drunken mobs left in Moscow but no one else.
The grapes are crushed and undergoing the first step of fermentation for a few days here in the containers," said Dimitar Panov, the chief production manager from Domaine Boyar, the biggest winemaker in Bulgaria.
The main leaders belonged to the nobility and the gentry, she points out, some from the country's oldest and most prominent native boyar families of the first class.
Son of a well-known legit actor who's now turned to drink, Grig is obsessed with making "the longest film ever produced" and joins a nascent film academy run by a rich, half-mad boyar, Leon Negrescu (Ovidiu Niculescu).
We consider this a great opportunity based on the excellent exposure and visibility of the property," said Gabriel Boyar, a director in CapitalSource's New York office.
Andrew Lamberth, head of sales and marketing at Boyar Estates, says: "The market seems to have polarised, with all the New World countries in growth and all the Old Worm countries in decline.
1), by providing insights into the 'ruling elite, essentially the old boyar aristocracy with the addition of the new favourites and officials of Peter's reign', whom historians of the 'state' school, Bushkovitch alleges, have largely overlooked (pp.
Somerfield has juicy Bulgarian red Domaine Boyar Premium Merlot 1999 (pounds 1 off at pounds 3.
Domain Boyar, Cabernet Sauvignon, 1997, Oddbins pounds 4.