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or boy·chick  (boi′chĭk)
n. Slang
A boy or young man.

[boy + Eastern Yiddish -chik, diminutive suffix (from Slavic).]


dialect (esp in Jewish usage) a term of endearment for a boy or young man


or boy•chick

(ˈbɔɪ tʃɪk)

n. Slang.
a boy or young man.
[1960–65; boy + Yiddish -chik diminutive suffix of Slavic orig.]
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Maroc must carry top weight, but the four-year-old is in fine form and has only gone up 1lb after having finished a neck second to Boychick over this course an distance a fortnight ago.
BOYCHICK TICKETS: Get $25 tickets (normally $36) to "The Boychick Affair," a comedy about Harry Boychick, who shows up late to his bar mitzvah.
But things get messy when her ambitious boychick starts hanging out with a young male hustler, Alex, and--perish the thought
THIS week's dry slap goes to wimpish boychick Justin Trousersnake for his smartassed comments that it's cool to take drugs, blasting away his previously squeaky-clean image.
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