or boy·chick  (boi′chĭk)
n. Slang
A boy or young man.

[boy + Eastern Yiddish -chik, diminutive suffix (from Slavic).]


dialect (esp in Jewish usage) a term of endearment for a boy or young man


or boy•chick

(ˈbɔɪ tʃɪk)

n. Slang.
a boy or young man.
[1960–65; boy + Yiddish -chik diminutive suffix of Slavic orig.]
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Only then did I find Mama's Post-it note left on our kitchen doorpost--May G_d help my boychik hit the yellow ball with all his heart today.
boychik lit - a counterpoint, alternative to, and parody of the hugely popular female-oriented fiction genre chick lit.
But you're not going to be the favorite boychik anymore.
Lead actresses acquit themselves swimmingly, generating believable chemistry and plenty of estrogen, with boychik Bryan Greenberg also passing muster.
ANDREAS: Boychik, in that area we are identical twins.
transported elsewhere, shameful untraceable, not-of-our-mother boychik, our brother).
Once when, at sixteen, I tried to explain why I had started hitting the road, hopping freights, hitch-hiking to Cape Cod, to Tennessee and North Carolina searching for something I couldn't name, he nodded, "Life is short, boychik.
Don't miss the chance to pinch his cheeks and tell him you remember when he was a little piano-playing boychik (Nov.
When Kazin died in the spring, Rick Hertzberg, who had bounced on his knee as a boychik, compared the moment to July 4, 1826.
You think they're gonna spend umpty million dollars making a movie, boychik, and then chase the het breeders away?
Which means in time our favorite boychik, Boris Would join, and bring the Russian Army Chorus.
Taking notice of the holiday mash-up are Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, the boychiks over at YidLife Crisis, a Yiddish-language webseries that follows the shenanigans (or rather, mishegas), of two bilingual, liberal Jews with a penchant for merriment.