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Characteristic of or befitting a boy: boyish charm.

boy′ish·ly adv.
boy′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.boyishness - being characteristic of a boy
masculinity - the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for men
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"It's all youthfulness--positively nothing but boyishness. Why, I'm buying it, upon my honor, simply, believe me, for the glory of it, that Ryabinin, and no one else, should have bought the copse of Oblonsky.
To the usual precocity of the girl, she added that early experience of struggle, of conflict between the inward impulse and outward fact, which is the lot of every imaginative and passionate nature; and the years since she hammered the nails into her wooden Fetish among the worm-eaten shelves of the attic had been filled with so eager a life in the triple world of Reality, Books, and Waking Dreams, that Maggie was strangely old for her years in everything except in her entire want of that prudence and self-command which were the qualities that made Tom manly in the midst of his intellectual boyishness. And now her lot was beginning to have a still, sad monotony, which threw her more than ever on her inward self.
She knew that Burning Daylight was not a man to be trifled with, that under his simplicity and boyishness he was essentially a dominant male creature, and that she had pledged herself to a future of inevitable stress and storm.
He was conscious of colouring, and was annoyed at his boyishness.
He forgot all the early exasperations, remembering only her charms and sweetnesses and glorying much in the traits he at first had disliked most--her boyishness and adventurousness, her delight to swim and risk the sharks, her desire to go recruiting, her love of the sea and ships, her sharp authoritative words when she launched the whale-boat and, with firestick in one hand and dynamite-stick in the other, departed with her picturesque crew to shoot fish in the Balesuna; her super-innocent disdain for the commonest conventions, her juvenile joy in argument, her fluttering, wild-bird love of freedom and mad passion for independence.
Until you get to 25, there's a boyishness about you at times."
Park has been featured in a number of commercials for his "kind and polite" image, with advertisers praising his ability to embody both "boyishness and manliness," as well as having an "easygoing, bright and positive vibe."
"For me, it was a sort of time travel," says Branagh, whose enduring boyishness hides the fact that he is eight years older than the Shakespeare we meet in the film.
Mariani has lost somethough by no means allof the boyishness that he brought to the House in his 1991 freshman year.
Peyton has this exceptional quality of boyishness and a sort of childlike enthusiasm along with seriousness and attention to detail.
In this mode, Caruso's masculinity was mediated by its comic elements and rendered socially acceptable by its very boyishness. Or Caruso could be the "verismo male", at once exotic in his violent excess and yet reassuringly familiar in his assertion of masculine hegemony (28).
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