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We are extremely pleased that ENRESA has selected Westinghouse and EDF to continue supporting the decommissioning activities at Vandellos I Nuclear Power Station, said Yves Brachet, Westinghouse vice president, Global Decommissioning, Decontamination, Remediation and Waste Management.
For those who planned to travel to Europe from the shores or airports of North Africa, the tightening of border controls frequently extends their stay in the region (Alioua 2008; Brachet 2010; Escoffier 2006).
The project will help to strengthen and secure European supply of this fuel," said Brachet.
The method of staining the cells with methyl green pyronin by Brachet, allowing forms to identify cells rich in nucleic acids, has been used for more accurate differentiation of blast forms of lymphocytes and to determine the extent and functional activity of mature plasma cells.
In 2007, the then COPUOS Chair Gerard Brachet contributed a white paper on the topic to the Committee, and in 2008, the French delegation informed the COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (STSC) of its intention to propose the long-term sustainability of space activities as a permanent agenda item of COPUOS.
Much like Martin had accomplished in his retelling of Magendie's demonstrations, Taylor paraphrased Brachet to denounce the cruelty involved in the animals' slow and painful deliverance from the world.
Yes, the vodka category is over-saturated, but there is no other vodka made in Japan, which has 500 years of distilling history, from 100% Japanese rice," says Arnaud Brachet, Ao's brand director.
At the sides of Boeing, the Air France Industries teams are fully focused on the success of this major upgrade of the French AWACS," said Anne Brachet, EVP Air France Industries.
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Maurit Brachet apud Praedicatoum Parisi Regente meritisimo haec tueri conabitur f.
The first studies that were about bone histogenesis were done by Brachet [4] but it was done thoroughly in before and after hatching time [9, 31].