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 (brā′kē-ə, brăk′ē-ə)
Plural of brachium.
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marksi discrimination between predator and control odors, whereas painting of the brachia did not alter avoidance of the predator.
The study constant with study (Snarr, Esco, 2013) which showed that carrying out push-ups in suspension (using TRX) caused a greater activation of the pectoralis major, the anterior deltoid and the triceps brachia compared to the traditional push-ups.
Patients were examined in a supine position, with a volume plethysmographic sensor in cuffs on both the brachia and ankles.
Ahmed Brachia qui avait occupe le poste de directeur de l'etablissement specialise dans la chirurgie cardiaque a ete nomme en fin de semaine derniere au poste de directeur general du CHU de Constantine.
Highest brachia systolic -- -- pressure (L or R) Calculate Left (A.
For example, when Edmund's head is found guarded by a wolf in a forest, emphasis is placed on its position on the ground and between the wolf's feet: "Quippe immanis lupus eo loci divina miseratione est repertus, qui illud sacrum caput inter brachia conplexus procumbebat humi" (12: 40-42, emphasis mine).
Since then, more attention has been paid to tailoring a dose according to the tumor volume, location, and proximity to central critical structures as well as skin, chest wall, and brachia plexus.
Static stretching protocol on certain muscle groups identical to that Alter (1988) described in his protocol [posterior shoulder stretch #200, triceps stretch #224, shoulder external stretch #205, pectoralis, deltoid and biceps brachia stretch #196-222, forearm extensor stretch #231 and forearm flexor stretch #230] (Table 1).