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Females of Eudarcia (8 species) are brachypterous, with degenerate forewings and more or less reduced hindwings (Bidzilya et al.
We also classified all carabid beetles as either macropterous (with fully developed hindwings), brachypterous (with very short or rudimentary hindwings), or apterous (with no hindwings) based on Jelaska and Durbesic [45].
The brachypterous females of Euthysanius species clearly have six ventrites, with the basal ventrite forming a complete sclerite across the abdomen.
Kawakami Y (1999) Geographic variation of the brachypterous grasshopper Parapodisma setouchiensis group in Western Honshu, with its taxonomic revision.
It was hypothesized that macropterous individuals exhibit higher mobility and dispersal range than brachypterous individuals.
Brachypterous form: Thorax: Pronotum wider than long; anterolateral margins nearly parallel sided; disk longitudinally depressed through the middle with weak carina which ends before the posterior margin.
A new brachypterous mesepipsocus (psocodea: 'psocoptera': epipsocidae) from Bolivia.