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 (brä′chē-ō′lə, brä-chō′-) or bra·ci·o·le (-lā′, -lĕ′)
A thin slice of meat, usually wrapped around a stuffing and cooked with wine.

[Italian, probably from dialectal braṣola, from braṣa, glowing ember, of Germanic origin; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌbrɑːʃɪˈəʊlə; Italian bratʃˈɔla)
n, pl -iole
(in Italian cooking) a thin slice of pan-fried beef


(ˌbrɑ tʃiˈoʊ lə, brɑˈtʃoʊ-)

n., pl. -las, -le (-lā).
a flat piece meat rolled around a filling and cooked in a sauce.
[1940–45; < Italian]
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The highlight for me is the melt-in-the-mouth braciole (beef and vegetables slow-cooked in a clay pot, while after lunch, Mina guides us through a pastamaking class, where I attempt to roll the short capunti into shell-like orecchiette.
The 300 gram Wagyu Beef Tenderloin / Rib Eye Marble served with pan-seared foie gras, saffron mashed potatoes and baby spinach or the Braciole Di Agnello served with toasted almonds, semolina gnocchi and honey endives are just some of the choices that will surely satiate your appetite.
The highlight for me is the melt-inthe-mouth braciole (beef and vegetables slow-cooked in a clay pot).
html) curated goodies like warm butternut squash salad, agnolotti with butter and sage, beef braciole with horseradish gremolata&nbsp;and green apple crostata with thyme caramel, according to reports.
The fabulously named Breatiny's Child is a more meaty offering of veal breast braciole, pickled fig, sopresatta [salami], and goat yogurt at the price of 29 dollars.
Sample the sweetbread Milanese, octopus with chickpeas, pappardelle with oxtail ragu and old-fashioned braciole.
When they're not arranging hits, playing all-night poker or making casual conversation with a topless lap dancer, they are inhaling cannoli, braciole and linguine like human starlings.
It's well signed, including price per pound, ingredients and allergens, and there are 50 items to chose from, including tofu cutlet marsala, Cajun cornmeal flounder, turkey burger with spinach feta, seafood jambalaya, broccoli tempura, beef braciole, ranchero bean salad, Southwest turkey chili, champagne chicken breast and tilapia Francaise.
where the food is decidedly Italian and indeed leans south towards the culinary delights of Sicily, the offerings range from ready-to-cook items in the meat case like braciole and braciolettini (see this month's Recipes for Success colmn) to ready-to-eat dishes like authentic pollo a la Marsala, the simple but delicious chicken dish from the Sicilian port city of Marsala (and cooked with the famous Marsala wine).
Los domingos, despues de cerrar el negocio, jugaba scopa con sus cunados Fuscaldo (llegaba a menudo al negocio Corrado Guidi), luego a almorzar en casa: mama cocinaba spaghetti con albondigas, braciole, scarola (esa la cocinaba papa), carnes marinadas .
Somalia, dittature e braciole di maiale: Saggio-intervista sulla letteratura di Nuruddin Farah.