bracket fungus

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bracket fungus

Any of various fungi that form shelflike growths on tree trunks and wood structures. Also called shelf fungus.
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bracket fungus

(Plants) any saprotroph or parasitic fungus of the basidiomycetous family Polyporaceae, growing as a shelflike mass (bracket) from tree trunks and producing spores in vertical tubes in the bracket
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brack′et fun`gus

any of the leathery, corky, or woody mushrooms that grow shelflike on the trunks of trees.
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Noun1.bracket fungus - a woody fungus that forms shelflike sporophores on tree trunks and wood structuresbracket fungus - a woody fungus that forms shelflike sporophores on tree trunks and wood structures
polypore, pore fungus, pore mushroom - woody pore fungi; any fungus of the family Polyporaceae or family Boletaceae having the spore-bearing surface within tubes or pores; the fruiting bodies are usually woody at maturity and persistent
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فِطْرُ الأشْجار
ağaç gövdesinde büyüyen mantar


(ˈbrӕkit) noun
1. (usually in plural) marks (eg ( ), () , < > etc) used to group together one or more words etc.
2. a support for a shelf etc. The shelf fell down because the brackets were not strong enough.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈbracketed
1. to enclose (words etc) by brackets.
2. (sometimes with together) to group together (similar or equal people or things).
bracket fungus
a round, flat fungus that grows out horizontally on the trunks of trees.
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Its stump remains, now decorated with bracket fungus.
Association of Ceracis cornifer (Mellie) (Coleoptera: Ciidae) with the bracket fungus Pycnoporus sanguineus (Basidiomycetes: Polyporaceae).
ellipsoidea, is what mycologists call a perennial polypore - otherise known as a bracket fungus.