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Any of numerous parasitic wasps of the family Braconidae, the majority of which have larvae that are parasitoids of other insects.

[From New Latin Bracōnidae, family name, from Bracōn, type genus, perhaps from Medieval Latin bracō, bracōn-, sleuthhound, beagle (the genus perhaps being named on the model of New Latin Ichneumōn, icheneumon fly genus, from Greek ikhneumōn, Egyptian mongoose, ichneumon fly, literally "tracker"; see ichneumon), of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German braccho and Middle Dutch bracke, sleuthhound, both ultimately from Germanic *brakka-, of unknown origin.]


(ˈbrækənɪd) entomol
any member of the Braconidae, a family of parasitoid wasps
of or relating to the Braconidae
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The braconid wasp, Diaeretiella rapae is an endoparasitoid of aphids (Fathipour et al.
Most gardeners recognize and value the efforts of solitary parasite wasps, such as braconid wasps, feeding on tomato hornworm caterpillars.
2005) many braconid (Opiinae) and eulofideos (Tetrastichinae) were taken from Africa to various parts of the world, for biological control programs.
Pan trap color preference for braconid wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea) in a forest clearing.
The Braconid and Ichneumonid Parasitoid Wasps: Biology, Systematics, Evolution and Ecology
To determine if tachinid or braconid parasitoids (Oberhauser, 2012) were significantly reducing larval survivorship in the two fields, 38 larvae of instars 2-5 were collected from Aug.
Some of the thousands of different species of these wasps, one to two millimeters in length, found around orchards include: Braconid wasps (family Braconidae); Ichneumonid wasps (family Ichneumonidae); Chalcidoid wasps (family Chalcidoidea); Chalcid wasps (family Chalcididae); Eulophid wasps (family Eulophidae); Trichogramma wasps (family Trichogrammatidae); Mymarid wasps (family Mymaridae).
Classification and biology of braconid wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae).
Parasitoids of army worm such as tachinids, ichneumonids, eulophids,chalcids and braconid wasps parasitize it.
Parasitoids imported into California for quarantine studies include braconid parasitoids reared from wild olive fruit fly, (A) Psyttalia lounsburyi, (B) Bracon celer and (C) Utetes africanus, as well as braconid parasitoids reared on other fruit fly species, including (D) Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, (E) D.