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A small bract.

[Latin bracteola, gold leaf, diminutive of bractea; see bract.]


(Botany) a secondary bract subtending a flower within an inflorescence. Also called: bractlet
[C19: from New Latin bracteola, from bractea thin metal plate; see bract]
bracteolate adj


(ˈbræk tiˌoʊl)

also bract•let

(ˈbrækt lɪt)

a small or secondary bract, as on a pedicel.
[1820–30; < New Latin bracteola < Latin bracte(a) a thin plate of metal]
brac′te•o•late (-ə lɪt, -ˌleɪt) adj.
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Noun1.bracteole - a small bract
bract - a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence
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The following characteristics were used: bracteole form, vegetation habit, standard color, wings color, string bean color, string bean transversal section, string bean bending, string bean suture, string bean color at the physiological maturation, wall of the string bean staple fibers, string bean standard tegument, seeds tegument darker color, seeds brightness, seeds form, hypocotyls pigmentation, emergent cotyledon color, color tonality from the chlorophyll leaf, anthocyanin in the leaf, leaf form, leaves persistence, lodging, floral size, bracteoles button size, bracteole/chalice length relation, chalice/bracteole color, wings opening, stiletto/keel relation, string bean position in the plant, string bean apex position and dry string bean color and seeds ribbing.
Bract and bracteole present, very unequal, white, membranous with long tapering, rather flaccid tips.
Typical microscopic characters of powdered hop cones include numerous large yellow glands unique to the species (lupulin glands), abundant bracteole and leaf fragments, as well as sparsely distributed glandular and many covering trichomes (Jackson and Snowden, 1968; Neve, 1991; Yamada et al.
Townsend, the partial florescence consists of a solitary hermaphrodite flower and a solitary small sterile flower formed by a large-celled, spongy, ventrally floccose cylinder tipped with small greenish processes present within and scarcely exceeding one bracteole, with the second bracteole empty (Townsend, 1993).
Bracteole number, however, is rather homoplasious (Fig.
Each head is composed of a circle of bracteoles, which look at first sight like petals, containing a multitude of tiny flowers - the pins in the pincushion - forming a large umbel at the top of 2ft stems.
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New aspects in floral development of Papilionoideae: Initiated but suppressed bracteoles and variable initiation of sepals.
Fruits of Astrophytum are not fleshy, they are almost dry, and they are covered with dense areolar wool and spinescent bracteoles (Anderson, 2001; Powell et al.
Upon closer observation with flash photography, I found that moths fed on the extrafloral nectaries (EFN) located on the bracteoles of the plants (Fig.
The broad lavender-coloured margins of the bracteoles, resembling in colour the flowers of some species of Statice, candied all over with white scurf, harmonize with the deep violet petals, and thus avoid that sharp contrast in colour so often found in the inflorescence of plants of this order".
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