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Slowness of the heart rate, usually fewer than 60 beats per minute in an adult human.

[brady- + Greek kardiā, heart; see cardia.]

brad′y·car′dic (-dĭk) adj.
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(Pathology) pathol an abnormally low rate of heartbeat. Compare tachycardia
bradycardiac adj
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(ˌbræd ɪˈkɑr di ə)

a slow heartbeat rate, usu. less than 60 beats per minute.
brad`y•car′dic, adj.
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Noun1.bradycardia - abnormally slow heartbeat
arrhythmia, cardiac arrhythmia - an abnormal rate of muscle contractions in the heart
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n. bradicardia, espanocardia, lentitud anormal en los latidos del corazón.
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n bradicardia
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"If you have symptomatic bradycardia, a pacemaker will help you feel and function much better," says Dr.
Effective immediately, the company is now able to detect and show ECG results for Bradycardia and Tachycardia in addition to Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and Normal Sinus Rhythm.The instant analysis indicate arrhythmias that are not AFib and that are between 40-50 beats per minute (Bradycardia), or between 100-140 beats per minute (Tachycardia).
Her ECG was low voltage ECG and revealed bradycardia. Chest Xray revealed globular heart and bilateral blunting of costophrenic angles.
He was followed up as monitorized developed bradycardia (55/min) and complete heart block was detected at the ECG at the 24th hour of octreotide infusion (Figure 1).
Because peri-ictal sinus tachycardia is more frequent than sinus bradycardia, we can assume that sympathovagal balance is more likely to shift toward a relative activation of sympathetic system during seizure episodes (8).
Bradycardia Bradycardia is defined as a heart rate that is less than 60 bpm, and it can reduce the amount of oxygen-rich blood being pumped to the body.
However spinal anesthesia is also not free from risks of hypotension and bradycardia due to sympathetic block during spinal anesthesia.
Lappe had been suffering from irregular heart rhythm, or bradycardia, which often leads to dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breath.
By analyzing HRV and electrocardiogram parameters, we determined whether donepezil is associated with an increased risk of bradycardia and ventricular arrhythmia.
Conversely, physical exertion doesn't cause a noticeable increase in the heart rates of people who have bradycardia.
However, after 17 minutes of commencement of dexmedetomidine infusion and before surgery, the patient suddenly suffered bradycardia with hemodynamic collapse.