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n. bradipnea, movimientos respiratorios lentos.
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Systemic reactions such as tachycardia, bradycardia, tachypnoea, bradypnoea, hyper- or hypothermia, systemic hypo- or hypertension, and haemolysis using a peripheral blood smear during therapy were observed in the neonates.
All animals showed hypothermia, bradypnoea, bradycardia and signs of shock.
Devapriya Galgali has shown that intravenous ketamine of 1.5 mg/kg followed by bolus doses as sole anaesthetic in cesarean section has good analgesia, protects respiratory system reflexes, stimulate cardiovascular system and produced no bradycardia, bradypnoea or vomiting in 200 cases.
So, 20 [micro]L [L.sup.-1] of EOLA demonstrated more effective bradypnoea between 4-5h, can continue for at least 8h.
In the US, post-operative respiratory failure was the third most-reported safety incident between 2006 and 2009.7 Studies show intermittent bradypnoea (respiratory rate of fewer than 10 breaths per minute) and desaturation are much more common in patients using opioids than are detected by intermittent monitoring and pulse oximetry: two per cent, versus 58 per cent detected via capnography.