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1. also Brah·man (-mən) A member of the highest of the four major castes of traditional Indian society, responsible for officiating at religious rites and studying and teaching the Vedas.
2. A member of a cultural and social elite, especially of that formed by descendants of old New England families: a Boston Brahmin.
3. Variant of Brahman..
also Brahman (-mən) Of or relating to the caste of Brahmins.

[Probably alteration of Sanskrit brāhmaṇaḥ, from brāhmaṇa-, brahminic; see Brahman.]

Brah·min′ic (-mĭn′ĭk), Brah·min′i·cal adj.
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Adj.1.brahminical - of or relating to or characteristic of a brahmin
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They wear the Brahminical thread; they adhere to every claim of Hindu caste-law.
Alongside a photograph of the RSS chief, she put controversial remarks, saying,"In history, Mahatma Gandhi and Mahavir fought against Brahminical caste system.
The murders of Gauri Lankesh and her rationalist colleagues allegedly by members of a Brahminical group suspected in Gandhi's assassination confirms this narrative.
He accused the BJP-RSS combine of promoting brahminical culture and spreading hatred against dalits, minorities and ethnic communities in the country.
The 'Indian' in his elucidation of the Anglophone novel's relationship to vernacular traditions--reduced essentially to Sanskrit--is implicitly Hindu and upper-caste, indeed, Brahminical. For all that Rao is attuned to the dangers of the creation of a "snobbish" English elite "permanently isolated from the common man," his own sense of the demotic has manifest limitations determined by caste and class that are also reflected in the works of the writers he discusses--Markandaya, Anand, Raja Rao, and R.
It has always been the janeu-dhari (one who wears Brahminical thread), savarnas (one of the four major Hindu classes) who are higher in numbers.
It pulled together Brahminical parties, middle-caste leaders and Dalits.
Described in the Official Guide as containing a liquid extracted for use in brahminical sacrifices but differentiated from the unidentified soma juice referred to in the Vedas.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has caused a stir in India after a picture of him with a sign saying "smash Brahminical patriarchy" went viral, according to Reuters.
Originally named Dakshinamurthy by his parents Muthuvel and Anjugam, he later changed it to Karunanidhi as it is a pure Tamil name without any Brahminical tinge.
They 1) respond--or write back--to Brahminical patriarchy that has exercised control over the feminine throughout history; 2) They offer a form of counter discourse by interrogating and deconstructing gender essentialisms and hegemonic power; 3) They expose the limits and absurdities of the dominant discourse with their subversive voices, and 4) They give us a more accurate understanding of woman's realities in contemporary India.
For Brahminical tradition mirror images are sheer illusion.