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Noun1.brain cell - a nerve cell in the brainbrain cell - a nerve cell in the brain    
nerve cell, neuron - a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses
Golgi cell, Golgi's cell - a neuron in the cerebral cortex with short dendrites and with either a long axon or a short axon that ramifies in the grey matter
Purkinje cell - a large densely branching neuron that is the characteristic cell of the cerebellar cortex
brain, encephalon - that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord
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Using genetically engineered mice, they identified importin alpha-5 as the transporter protein that helps MeCP2 to enter the brain cell nucleus.
This meant that every engineered brain cell was now identical.
New brain cell growth was demonstrated in an exciting study released in 2015.
Zika virus's tricks for interfering with human brain cell development may also be the virus's undoing.
In an NIH-backed study published earlier this year, scientists looked at the effects of SIRT3 on brain cell mitochondria.
Louis, found in mice and in mouse brain cell cultures that the disease impairs the transfer of proteins to energy-making factories inside brain cells.
But he added: "Our results suggest that small amyloid beta assemblies impact upon memory and normal brain cell function but don't kill brain cells...
Once a brain cell has arrived at the new location, movement stops and the brain cell forms connections with neighboring brain cells.
Now, in an in vitro study using human brain stem cells, a team of German and Californian researchers shows how a specific PCB congener, PCB-118, can interrupt normal TH function and cause the premature differentiation of one type of brain cell [EHP 113:871-876].
The physical phenomena produced by brain cell firings can be measured with modern equipment, and the data can be correlated with various cognitive and emotional states of the subjects.
A Dallas-based research team announced in November that it may have found additional evidence that ailments suffered by Persian Gulf War veterans could be linked to loss of brain cells. The researchers say it's possible the brain cell loss may be caused by exposure to combinations of nerve gas, pesticides and insect repellents.