brain dead

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Adj.1.brain dead - having irreversible loss of brain function as indicated by a persistent flat electroencephalogram; "was declared brain dead"
dead - no longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life; "the nerve is dead"; "a dead pallor"; "he was marked as a dead man by the assassin"
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Palomo, who previously had been declared brain dead, was wheeled into the operating room at 9:20 p.
A man who Oregon University doctors believed was clinically brain dead from a stroke is now back operating a tractor and running a farm.
The guys know how to play, but as soon as they get pressure, they get brain dead.
The donor must be determined brain dead with at least two confirming tests and exams, performed by medical personnel independent of the transplant team.
The lyric, ``I be, you be, he be, she be, they be, we all be a bunch of brain dead endorsees,'' is the refrain from the song.
The baby was brain dead by the time she arrived at the Palmdale facility, Cromer said.
A teenage girl who had been declared brain dead in 2013 is said to be alive and recovering with time according a court document filed June 29 in Alameda County Superior Court by retired neurologist Dr.
Misunderstandings often result in Gulf doctors being prevented from harvesting healthy organs from brain dead patients.
A Greek Cypriot studying in Thessaloniki in Greece, who was hit by a car last week while running away from football hooligans, has been declared brain dead, it was reported on Wednesday.
RIYADH: There has been a 30 percent increase in the number of organ transplants in 2015 compared to the previous year because of a rise in brain dead people, a local publication reported Thursday.
THE inquest into the death of a pregnant mother of two put on life support for 24 days after she was declared brain dead has returned an open verdict.
Hospital sources said that doctors have declared Dr Malik brain dead, but they were reluctant to share the information with public.