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Noun1.brain doctor - a medical specialist in the nervous system and the disorders affecting itbrain doctor - a medical specialist in the nervous system and the disorders affecting it
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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'I actually go to a life coach and I went to a neurological, brain doctor because I wanted to know why I was so emotional,' Labrusca said.
The Shaken 8aby Martyr: Top brain doctor who was struck off for controversial claims speaks out on how jailed parents could be innocent.
Mr Corner's herd was started in 1904 by his great-grandfather Dr Harry Corner, an eminent brain doctor working in London who believed that the milk from the Jersey cow was beneficial to the human brain.
We are going to see together the foods and lifestyles, the brain doctor recommends as well as the foods and habits we should avoid in order to protect our brains from dementia, Alzheimer's, and depressive disorders and to prevent excess weight gain, obesity, and related diseases.
I recently saw a funny cartoon entitled "Brain Doctor." The cartoon shows a doctor, having flipped open the top of his patient's head, using a flashlight to peer at the patient's brain.
He's a top brain doctor who is perfectly at home poking around someone's skull or persuading them to let him play with their grey matter.
Alas, the line between the profound and the profoundly silly is a fine one, and Landau flies past it somewhere in the first act of "Space," perhaps at the point when her protagonist, hotshot brain doctor Allan Saunders (Tom Irwin), is visited by a nymph-like little alien being who, while clearly an otherworldly type, apparently shops at Yohji Yamamoto and listens to lots of Enya.
In January - around the time Kathy had her health scare - Pat interviewed a leading brain doctor who highlighted the lack of neurological resources in Irish hospitals.
That person was in the consulting room of a top brain doctor within a fortnight.
A LEADING brain doctor has described the lack of neurology resources in Irish hospitals as "appalling".
Mr Farquhar became so worried that he even sought the help of specialist brain doctors, but none of them could find anything wrong with him.
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