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Noun1.brain science - the branch of neuroscience concerned with the brainbrain science - the branch of neuroscience concerned with the brain
neuroscience - the scientific study of the nervous system
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Amazingly, modern brain science is making such questions more than idle curiosities or science-fiction musings.
* an integrated behavioural and brain science research facility at Queen's University;
China has seen intensified research in brain science to advance basic understanding of the brain as well as to find treatments for brain-related disease.
Drawing on findings from brain science, developmental psychology, and organizational psychology, this guide book for organization leaders explains how our aethreat brainAE (which detects, avoids, or confronts danger) influences our behavior in the modern workplace.
This is a milestone in our quest to decode how the brain's computations give rise to perception, behavior, and consciousness," Christof Koch, president and chief scientific officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, said in a ( statement .
Portland, OR, March 16, 2016 --( Portland startup Happy Brain Science announces a new tool that teaches the science of thriving at work.
How to Design a Life Worth Smiling About: Developing Success in Business and in Life comes from a motivational speaker and success coach who shares his program for making changes to improve one's quality of life and purpose, and is based on a blend of brain science and psychology.
The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain offers any involved in secondary education the opportunity to understand the latest brain science involved in learning new material, and explains how sleep, exercise and one's senses can augment the learning process.
Since the term "neuromarketing" was coined in 2002 a new paradigm has emerged in brain science and its role in brand marketing.
So-called "neuromarketing" takes the tools of modern brain science, like the functional MRI, and applies them to the somewhat abstract likes and dislikes of customer decisionmaking.
They discusses such matters as complementarity and creativity in brain science, creativity in the infant's world, and the difference between a brain and a computer.