brain surgeon

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Noun1.brain surgeon - someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)
operating surgeon, sawbones, surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery
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"People think of them as 'back office', but they have been as important as any brain surgeon could ever be.
It would be just, for instance, to allow brain surgeons to earn much more than street-sweepers, because brain surgery requires special skills and extensive education, and the street-sweeper himself might one day need the services of the brain surgeon.
I am not a brain surgeon, just an ex-player and a keen supporter who thinks that if the wearing of a scrum cap offers even a tiny bit of protection then George North should be made to wear one on his return.
This apparently draconian system was very effective and the school produced many talented men from a top brain surgeon, nuclear scientists, space scientists, university professors around the world, army generals and Olympic athletics medal winners.
Professional photographer Amina learns from her somewhat unreliable mother that her father, brain surgeon Thomas Eapen, has be talking to deceased relatives.
Dilek TE-zE-n who works in the brain surgeon unit of the hospital.
The series finale quickly presents what happens after Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) gets shot by the Brain Surgeon. Deb gets better, even able to speak to Dexter about the monsters she feared in her childhood.
Oliver Fibbs comes from a brilliant family: his mother is a brilliant brain surgeon; his father is a brilliant architect; his twin sisters are brilliant dancers and his little brother is a brilliant mathematician and chess player.
'You need a very steady hand to be a brain surgeon so I reckon I would be alright.' Sarah adds, 'I went to Southampton Hospital and saw a triple heart bypass.
When it comes to smarty-pants career tropes, brain surgeon falls right up there with rocket scientist.
The story goes that Margaret Atwood was buttonholed at some social function by a brain surgeon. He told her he was interested in writing, too, and intended to take it up after he retired.
During the next month, if it doesn't work out, and they will have to move, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to work this one out.