The act of exploring another's ideas through questioning.

brain′-pick′er n.


n. Informal.
the act of obtaining information or ideas by questioning another person.
brain′-pick`er, n.
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There may be something in this, but there's no doubt that it's also a genuine attempt at brain-picking by BHB chairman Peter Savill and CEO Greg Nicholls.
There is an amendment to prevent public authorities using the tendering process as a brain-picking exercise, and an amendment to safeguard trade secrets of bidders.The report takes on board a landmark European Court of Justice ruling from September 2000 (C-225/98 - see European Report 2532), which legitimises "combating unemployment" as an award criteria.
And I regret that the time was too limited to allow you to complete the brain-picking you had set out to do.
He said Universal Studios has been "brain-picking" stores such as Toys `R' Us, Target, JC Penney and Sears on prices and marketing strategies.