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1. A sudden clever plan or idea.
2. A sudden, violent disturbance of the mind.
v. brain·stormed, brain·storm·ing, brain·storms
To engage in or organize brainstorming.
1. To consider or investigate (an issue, for example) by brainstorming.
2. To think of or produce (a solution to a problem, for example) by brainstorming.

brain′storm′er n.


informal a person who brainstorms
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Plus she is a good brainstormer with a good sense of humor.
Seems as if SIS have come up with another brainstormer in introducing a new Aussie greyhound service as of tomorrow morning - and I do mean morning
There's a phrase you don't often hear outside a marketing brainstormer where they're running ideas up the flagpole as they sip their designer water.
He is a two-year volunteer with Safe Rides, represented Hart in the Brainstormer competition and serves as tutoring director for the French Honor Society.
She will run agency operations and focus on client service and agency growth, and will act as a senior strategist and resident brainstormer on key accounts.
The Sunday night Brainstormer Trivia Pub Quizzes offer the opportunity for patrons to win prizes (drink coupons or free t-shirts) for free.
The Britannica BrainStormer interactive tool for discovering new ideas and relationships between topics
com; or Carolyn Rhinebarger, Chief Brainstormer of Strategic Guru, +1-919-459-4200, carolyn@strategicguru.
Canyon has won the contest three times - last year, 1996 and 1988, while Saugus High took home the Brainstormer Cup in 1991 and 1989.
com, or Carolyn Rhinebarger, Chief Brainstormer, Strategic Guru, +1-919-459-4200, carolyn@strategicguru.
Wordbench features unique tools such as an outliner, a note taker, a reference tool to build bibliographic information, and a brainstormer that guides students through techniques to start their writing.
San Francisco-based pub-quiz service provider Brainstormer hosts three seasons of competition each year in the Greater Bay area.