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1. A sudden clever plan or idea.
2. A sudden, violent disturbance of the mind.
v. brain·stormed, brain·storm·ing, brain·storms
To engage in or organize brainstorming.
1. To consider or investigate (an issue, for example) by brainstorming.
2. To think of or produce (a solution to a problem, for example) by brainstorming.

brain′storm′er n.


informal a person who brainstorms
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Bill Bowerbird and the Unbearable Beak-Ache " by writer, illustrator, designer, and freelance brainstormer Tyler Clark Burke is a fun, wacky story about teething is told in playful cadence with rhyme and refrain.
In order for the technique to be properly performed, a system would need to be set up to allow the brainstormer to wake quickly after falling asleep.
Liam McAtasney was among the first trivia night vendors when he founded San Francisco-based Brainstormer in the mid 1990s.
You have to be a brainstormer and a problem-solver.
Plus she is a good brainstormer with a good sense of humor.
And while he did tell the audience how to look into the future, unfortunately, he didn't reveal enough to allow me to become a professional brainstormer myself.
Seems as if SIS have come up with another brainstormer in introducing a new Aussie greyhound service as of tomorrow morning - and I do mean morning
There's a phrase you don't often hear outside a marketing brainstormer where they're running ideas up the flagpole as they sip their designer water.
He is a two-year volunteer with Safe Rides, represented Hart in the Brainstormer competition and serves as tutoring director for the French Honor Society.
He was a brainstormer, promoter and nonstop talker who poured out so many ideas that some were inevitably winners.
Consultant, brainstormer and speech writer, Hinkle is the author of six wine books.