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 (brān′wŏsh′, -wôsh′)
tr.v. brain·washed, brain·wash·ing, brain·wash·es
To subject to brainwashing.
The process or an instance of brainwashing.

[Back-formation from brainwashing.]
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Adj.1.brainwashed - subjected to intensive forced indoctrination resulting in the rejection of old beliefs and acceptance of new ones; "brainwashed prisoners of war"; "captive audiences for TV commercials can become brainwashed consumers"
unbrainwashed - not successfully subjected to brainwashing; "despite the torture and the psychological pressure some POWs remained unbrainwashed"
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'Pagdating ng 18, hindi na makapagbigay ng informed consent kasi brainwashed na so the consent is already vitiated or defective na yung consent.
People are constantly brainwashed with the drug of religion, caste and region.
ISLAMIC State bride Shamima Begum has revealed she is coming to terms with the prospect she may never return to Britain, but insisted she was "brainwashed" by the extremists she ran away to join as a schoolgirl.
The family claimed that Muthoni was brainwashed to appoint Lilly Macharia, a church member, as a co-director of her Shaba Investments Limited.
Alia Ghanem, 84, claimed her son was brainwashed as a student in Saudi Arabia before he became the man who plotted the 9/11 attacks that killed 2,996 in 2001.
The family of Giorgos Theodoulou, 44, are suing the Church of Cyprus for e1/42m claiming it brainwashed their son.
Ashokan's lawyer A Raghunath said that Hadiya, also known as Akhila, was 'brainwashed and mentally kidnapped'.
According to reports, many are of the opinion that the girls are under duress and they have been brainwashed.
If the experts believe this, then we have to wonder why we in the UK would allow any 18 year olds to vote in our democratic elections as they may well be too young to understand politics and are probably brainwashed via the same media sites?
Suicide bomber Salman Abedi, 22, was a footballmad Man U fan till he was brainwashed into carrying out the atrocity at the city's Arena.
Alsubaihi said this was the type of crime that can only be compared to those where a single individual had brainwashed an entire group of people to commit mass suicide.
NICOLA Sturgeon hit back yesterday over accusations SNP supporters are "brainwashed", as the first shots were fired in the Holyrood election battle.