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Noun1.brake disk - a disk or plate that is fixed to the wheelbrake disk - a disk or plate that is fixed to the wheel; pressure is applied to it by the brake pads
disk, disc - a flat circular plate
disc brake, disk brake - hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads
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Their approach used a combination of twin-axle dynamometer in the FKFS Thermal Wind Tunnel [6], a representation of spray generated by the tyre and advected in the onset flow, to provide the boundary conditions for the determination of brake disk soiling, braking force and adhesion coefficient.
There is a brake lining (or pad or puck) in the caliper/ brake housing, positioned on either side of the brake disk.
Relation unit (10) defines the heat flow of surface friction elements into coupling brake disk (friction pad and brake disk), (Bocii 1997, 1999, 2006; Ehlers 1969; Hasselgruber 1954, 1959; Kirschstein 1970; Saumweber 1974).
The first set represented measurement of "tilt," which is a cross-sectional taper of the brake disk flange from increasing cutting force caused by extensive tool wear.
Prior to towing, the left aft wheel must be rotated 120 degrees from the trailing position so that the brake and brake disk are facing outboard.
Specialist brake disk manufacturer Alcon has made considerable savings and is on course to achieve record sales after linking up with advisers from the Manufacturing Advisory Service.
said Friday it will recall a total of 1,839 Renault Megane station wagons because of a defective brake disk.
During braking operation, a brake pad attached to a wedge is pressed between the brake caliper and the brake disk.
Profitable growth in the Castings Group Division is in particular envisaged in brake disk production.
The Castings division strengthened its position as the market leader in the growing brake disk market and Buderus Guss GmbH received the customer award as "Supplier of the Year" from General Motors for the fifth year.
The wheel and brake system will incorporate BFGoodrich's field-proven Super Carb(R) Carbon brake disk system, which weighs 30 percent less than and performs twice as long as conventional steel brakes, reducing maintenance costs for carriers.
A year later, in 1954, the first ventilated brake disks were implemented to the AlfaRomeo car.