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brake 1

1. A device for slowing or stopping motion, as of a vehicle, especially by contact friction.
2. Something that slows or stops action.
v. braked, brak·ing, brakes
To reduce the speed of with or as if with a brake.
1. To operate or apply a brake.
2. To be slowed or stopped by or as if by the operation of a brake.

[Early Modern English brake, bridle, curb (for a horse), perhaps from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German, nose ring, curb, flax brake; see brake2.]

brake 2

1. A toothed device for crushing and beating flax or hemp.
2. A heavy harrow for breaking clods of earth.
3. An apparatus for kneading large amounts of dough.
4. A machine for bending and folding sheet metal.
tr.v. braked, brak·ing, brakes
1. To crush (flax or hemp) in a toothed device.
2. To break up (clods of earth) with a harrow.

[Middle English, from Middle Dutch, from Middle Low German; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

brake 3

A lever or handle on a machine such as a pump.

[Middle English, from Old French brac, from oblique form of bras, arm; see bracer2.]

brake 4

1. Any of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants.
2. Any of certain other ferns, such as bracken.

[Middle English, probably back-formation from braken; see bracken.]

brake 5

An area overgrown with dense brushwood, briers, and undergrowth; a thicket.

[Middle English, from Middle Low German; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

brake 6

n. also break
A high horse-drawn carriage with four wheels.
v. Archaic
A past tense of break.


(Automotive Engineering)
a. the act or process of slowing or stopping a vehicle, wheel, shaft, etc, or for keeping it stationary, esp by means of friction
b. (as modifier): a braking system.


A. N (Aut etc) → frenado m
B. CPD braking distance Ndistancia f de parada
braking power Npotencia f de freno


nBremsen nt


braking distance
nBremsweg m
braking power
nBremskraft f


1. nfrenatura
2. adj (distance, power) → di frenatura
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was flipped out like a pea from off a finger-nail, braking madly as she fled down and all but over-ending.
To solve these problems, based on the dynamic system of wheel motor electric vehicle, this paper project the energy regenerative braking feedback lockup braking-driving integrated system for electric vehicles.
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The focus in hydraulic brake systems is on short braking distances, durability and comfort.
Technological advancements have revolutionized the braking system in various transportation industries.
Finally, the EWB is not only for braking while the vehicle is moving, but also can be used as an automatic parking brake.
DB-60 II's BCM feature enables a constant recharge of the brake cylinder during braking.
Electro-hydraulic braking unit (EHB) from TRW Automotive (Warren, MI).
Depending on brake system specification and the level of integration, Delphi says an MTB system can be made up to 7 kg lighter than a current braking system.
Electrohydraulic systems that retain conventional calipers on the front wheels while using electric calipers on the rear wheels will allow vehicle makers and buyers to gain experience with electric braking technology.
giving Ford's engineers the space to enlarge brake rotors by 5% to 347 mm in the front and 340 mm in the rear, providing more braking surface to help dissipate heat.