braking distance

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brak·ing distance

The distance required for a vehicle moving at a specified velocity to come to a complete stop after its brakes have been activated.
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Because the truck was driven at less than 50 kilometers per hour on the circuit, there was no chance to test the braking distance after sudden deceleration.
The braking distance between you and the vehicle in front of you should be two seconds when driving on a dry road, and at least four seconds in the wet.
The road surface is well cleaned, but it is wet and this leads to an extended braking distance, "he commented.
And they were shocked when station staff told them slippery rails were to blame, causing the driver to misjudge his braking distance into the station.
Apart from the fact that they wear more quickly, poorly inflated tyres generate more heat due to excessive sidewall flexing, affecting the overall performance of the vehicle, including braking distance, handling, safety and fuel consumption.
And it's not just braking distance that is affected.
Featuring the Brembo braking system with four-piston fixed front aluminium callipers, this braking system guarantees a very short braking distance and excellent resistance to brake fade.
As a former professional driver, I'm aware of the extra road space HGVs take up, the extra braking distance they need, and their slower manoeuvrability - all of these factors are key to understanding what impacts lorries make to traffic on our roads.
When adjusting speed for the situation, adjust following/ braking distance based on the change in speed.
Caroline Roberts IT'S all about braking distance people.
This overall stopping distance is a combination of the thinking distance, meaning the distance the car travels from the time a driver realises the danger and applies the brakes, and the braking distance, being the distance that the car travels while braking.
0 premium which controls the high perA[degrees] formance ABS for a short 100 to 0km/h braking distance of just 34m.