branch water

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branch water

1. Plain water, especially when mixed with a liquor such as whiskey.
2. Chiefly Southern US Water from a stream.

[branch, stream + water.]

branch′ wa`ter

(in a mixed drink) plain water.
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Noun1.branch water - pure natural water from a stream or brook; often distinguished from soda water
water - a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants; "he asked for a drink of water"
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Both Side Protection Wall From Rd 00 M To 200 M Left Branch Water Course Offtaking At Rd 79820 Ft.
boughs of catalpa, drank branch water and ate pawpaws.
Extension of Hageer potable water treatment plant, also construction of a laboratory at Al Huseiniya Branch water treatment plant in Sharkiya Governorate as part of the IWSP project funded by the KfW of Germany, the EIB - European Investment Bank, AFD of France and the EC.
branch water networks in Madinah City has been given to Mohammed Mansour Al Bassami Trading and Contracting Group jointly with Al Baz national Contracting Est.
But we dig fall, too, as we say hello to scratchy wool sweaters and thick socks, cool drizzly nights, and bourbon and branch water by the fire.
Increased low-ion surface runoff in the Flat Branch, compared to groundwater flow which dominates much of the rest of the Upper Darby, is an indicator that Flat Branch water is polluted from a combination of non-point sources including parking lot and industrial runoff and drained agriculture land.
The Campaign's three-year plan is as follows: Year One: Set up branch Water Research and Planning Committees to research the condition of water in each community.
He also whacked down brandy and ginger ale, gin and tonic with lime not lemon, gin martinis, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Marsala, bad Algerian plonk, calvados, whisky and soda, bourbon and branch water, stingers made with white creme de menthe, Americanos and Pernod.
Tenders are invited for Construction of both side protection wall within RD 00 m to 400 m of MDR offtaking at RD 26480 m and left side protection wall within RD 100 m to 400 m of TFMD offtaking at RD 29618 m of branch water course of Bargarh Distributary under Lump Critical for the year 2018-19 Document cost : INR 6000 EMD value : INR 13500 Opening date : 27 Jan 2018