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A seasoned purée of Provençal origin prepared from salted cod, olive oil, milk or cream, and sometimes potatoes.

[French, from Provençal brandado, from Old Provençal, past participle of brandar, to shake, from brand, sword, of Germanic origin; see gwher- in Indo-European roots.]


(French brɑ̃dad)
(Cookery) a Provençal dish of salt cod puréed with olive oil and milk
[French, from Modern Provençal brandado, literally, something that has been shaken]
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We are also looking to launch fish cakes, croquettes and brandade de morue pate this year.
In France, dried cod makes the classic Brandade de Morue and the creamy, potato-y Estofinado, an autumnal dish from my beloved Aveyron.
Her go-to, all-purpose Cream Cheese Dough is made with a combo of three gluten-free flours, the Many Bean Salad sings with the additions of preserved lemons and salsa verde, the salt cod of a classic Brandade is replaced with fresh cod, and the desserts, Prueitt's original calling, are divine.
Start off with the brandade croquettes and move on to a grilled swordfish; finish it all off with a vanilla crAaAaAeA?
TO SERVE: Artfully spread the room temperature brandade onto the plate.
Try salted fish in dishes such as Portuguese stew or brandade, a mix of salted cod, garlic, olive oil, and cream that's pureed and served with bread.
There was Asian-spiced French Duck Magret, Beetroot and Taro Salad with Light Sesame and Honey Dressing; Oven-Baked Salt Cod Brandade in Piquillo Pepper; Cappuccino of Fresh Garden Peas with Tagaytay Peppermint Oil; Dalandan and Basil Sorbet; Grilled US Beef Tenderloin, Boniato Rosti, Wok-Fried Vegetables and Light Jus Fermented Black Bean Salsa; and White Chocolate and Amarena Cherry, Delice Kirsch Zabaglione.
Lot 8 brandade de Nimes OF 1/10 (quantity over 3 years minimum 150,000 boxes, up 600,000 boxes).
While there, do try the Spanish Omelette, Bravas Potatoes, Piquillos Peppers filled with Brandade, Cod Fish Gratin with Spinach Catalan Style and the Mussels with Garlic Sauce.
The appetizer was Brandade de Morue, which sounded exotic and intriguing in French.
I'm also devoted to the brandade (salt cod, potato puree and garlic served on toast), the pistou (a savory soup of Mediterranean vegetables) and the bistro burger.