branding iron

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brand·ing iron

An iron that is heated and used to mark the skin, as to indicate identity or ownership.
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brand′ing i′ron

a long-handled metal rod with a stamp at one end, used for branding livestock with a recognized symbol.
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Noun1.branding iron - implement used to brand live stockbranding iron - implement used to brand live stock  
implement - instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end
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branding iron

[ˈbrændɪŋˌaɪən] Nhierro m (de marcar)
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branding iron

nBrandeisen nt
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There on the flesh of the forearm was a circle with a triangle within it, deep and red, as the branding iron had left it.
Calum, like his father before him, would test the branding iron on the door of his workshop before handing it on.
Tattoos have revived the old branding iron principle worldwide.
The Plaza Restaurant at the Makati Commercial Center, inspired by The Plaza Hotel in New York City on Fifth Avenue, housed five concept restaurants: A Chinese restaurant called Willow Court, a French restaurant called Plaza Cafeacute, a smorgasbord or buffet concept restaurant called The Plaza Royale, a steakhouse called Branding Iron and a Presidential Hall that could fit 800 people for big events.
AMOS BBQ branding iron, Amazon,, PS8.99
descend into a population explosion of uninvited guests and Lawrence's gratuitously gory martyrdom is like feeling the sizzle of a branding iron against your brain.
The Branding Iron Hot Dip on the appetisers section at BD3.300 was superb.
The branding iron used to caramelise it burned the college coat of arms into the sugar.
"Someone also suggested the use of branding iron, like the one used in marking cattle.
Taking a specially prepared branding iron, Dorr--himself a slaveowner-- took about 30 seconds to imprint an SS onto Walker's open palm.
From its origin as a branding iron (or a bottle of steak sauce) to its end as a Martian hill, the mesa was refused recognition of its own volcanic identity.
If we did recruit modern Mounties they should wear cowboy hats and be able to roll a cigarette one-handed while in the saddle like Clint Eastwood when he was Rowdy Yates, be expert in the use of a lasso to hogtie and hang upside down from trees litter louts, carry a Winchester 73 in case of attack by Apaches (you never know round Marsden) and a branding iron to use on sheep rustlers as a warning to stay away from Wild West Yorkshire - and on flashers.