branding iron

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brand·ing iron

An iron that is heated and used to mark the skin, as to indicate identity or ownership.
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brand′ing i′ron

a long-handled metal rod with a stamp at one end, used for branding livestock with a recognized symbol.
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Noun1.branding iron - implement used to brand live stockbranding iron - implement used to brand live stock  
implement - instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end
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branding iron

[ˈbrændɪŋˌaɪən] Nhierro m (de marcar)
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branding iron

nBrandeisen nt
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There on the flesh of the forearm was a circle with a triangle within it, deep and red, as the branding iron had left it.
The father of one explained that he started small by doing simple things such as designing cattle branding irons and door frames, but the demand from his customers forced him to do other things such as donkey carts.
The Pages also collected a large collection of "segregationist art" such as slave branding irons, KKK artifacts and oil paintings.
A smokescreen has billowed from 269life's branding irons, enveloping and hiding the real injustices that we, who are not bonkers enough to self-harm in a bid to prove a point, feel strongly about.
They dealt in old turquoise and silver, guns, branding irons, Indian blankets, even barbed-wire sample boards--anything remotely classifiable as "Westernalia." Plus a lot of stuff that wasn't--Depression-era slot machines, seriously weather-beaten examples of the taxidermist's art, and steamer trunks full of science-fiction paperbacks from the early 1950's.
A century later, long after the branded cows had been eaten and their leather had worn out and the cowboys had died and their branding irons had been melted down and ranchers had realized that the grasslands at more than 7,000 feet weren't the best for grazing, the volcano was still branded with the name A-1.
"For those who think blacksmithing is little more than horse shoes and branding irons, the Blacksmith, Art & Music Festival will really open their eyes to the skill and creativity of these amazing craftspeople," said Ms.
Once you're WPM certified, contact LOGSA PSCC for information on stamps, stencils and branding irons. You'll find phone numbers and an email address at the end of this article.
HOT branding irons were once used to mark slaves and to permanently scar thieves for life.
Horse brasses are relatively inexpensive, small (a collection can fit into any home decor) and may fit better with modem home furnishings than rusty spurs, branding irons or old barbed wire.
I'm tempted to stick to name, rank and number, until it becomes obvious they intend to charm the information out of us rather than reaching for the branding irons.
In their exhibition Sugar Coated Tears they have recreated some of the sinister products of West Midlands workshops which enforced the slave trade - including chains, manacles, thrumbscrews, branding irons and iron masks.