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tr.v. bran·dished, bran·dish·ing, bran·dish·es
To wave or flourish (something, often a weapon) in a menacing, defiant, or excited way. See Synonyms at flourish.
A menacing, defiant, or excited wave or flourish of something.

[Middle English brandissen, from Old French brandir, brandiss-, from brand, sword, of Germanic origin; see gwher- in Indo-European roots.]

bran′dish·er n.
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Flores was calmly talking to the wide-eyed knife brandisher.
The two sides met in midweek and familiarity often breeds contempt - but Peter Walton's not a prolific card brandisher so stick with the corners and perhaps under 2.5 goals (4/6).
THIS charming man, this bully, this crowd pleaser, this misanthrope, this shaker of fists and angry brandisher of clubs, this jolly jester, this man with an iron nerve, this choker, this hero, this villain.