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Verb1.brandmark - mark with a brand or trademark; "when this product is not branded it sells for a lower price"
mark, tag, label - attach a tag or label to; "label these bottles"
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TGT's brandmark has been simplified and strengthened in line with the clean and simplified approach of the new brand.
The brandmark of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates is now known as Madayn.
The new identity is inspired by the authentic principles and fundamentals of Oman that takes into account all aspects related to modern investment operations." Madayn Madayn brandmark was then launched at the ceremony.
Oman diversifies its economy, the Madayn brandmark is a powerful
"The Quantum Health brandmark was recessive and, although technically on every package, didn't provide a distinctive or navigable visual identity." This led to a lack of brand loyalty by consumers, who engaged only on a product-by-product basis.
For this reason we selected the SFF for the Champion of Regional Cooperation award in 2016 and with great pleasure we reconfirm our commitment to such positive brandmark by repeating our partnering with the Festival this year as well', said Goran Svilanovic, RCC Secretary General.
TFI Envision approached the logo update as an evolutionary step to the familiar and trusted logo, bringing a more contemporary elegance to the brandmark with a new simplified illustration and simplified, impactful logotype.
Karl Lagerfeld Brandmark Hotels, private Karl Lagerfeld
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 13, 2016-Mix 1 Life Acquires Distributor BrandMark Products
After conducting extensive consumer research, the Murray Brand team designed a new brandmark and packaging system for the Springfield portfolio of more than 800 SKUs, Unified stated.
Following on from the company's recent rebrand, the Piping Frosting and Ready to use Frosting products feature a new packaging design and carry the new company brandmark.