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Really I think your behaviour with regard to the brandy is most unkind and ungenerous; I shall be ill, I know I shall.
Before him stood the orderly with a tray of brandy and salted cucumbers.
He was undoubtedly an officer, and he was decorated after the manner of the Russians with little enamelled crosses, and he could talk, and(though this has nothing to do with his merits) he had been given up as a hopeless task, or cask, by the Black Tyrone, who individually and collectively, with hot whiskey and honey, mulled brandy, and mixed spirits of every kind, had striven in all hospitality to make him drunk.
Foraging about, I found a bottle with some brandy left, for Hands; and for myself I routed out some biscuit, some pickled fruits, a great bunch of raisins, and a piece of cheese.
"Come, Josh," he said, in a cajoling tone, "give us a spoonful of brandy, and a sovereign to pay the way back, and I'll go.
"I'll go to the Hermitage--I think I've got some brandy there.
Brandy and water I alwayth take.' He had already called for a glass, and now called for another.
In the meantime, get him to bed, and to rest; and don't be afraid of giving him brandy."
Riach's business, and he now begged me for a dram with such instancy and such reminders of his former kindness, that at last I handed him a pannikin with about a gill of brandy. He drank a part, and then carried the rest down upon the deck, to share it
The turnkey, opening the door, disclosed in a wretched, ill- smelling little room, two hoarse, puffy, red-faced personages seated at a rickety table, playing at all-fours, smoking pipes, and drinking brandy.
Take a drop of brandy." But woman will never take the most obvious restorative, and Rosalind presently recovered without the brandy.
I think he found a certain satisfaction in giving me brandy.