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1. A noisy or confused quarrel.
2. A drinking spree; a binge.

[Probably from the name Brannigan.]


1. a noisy quarrel
2. slang US a drinking spree


(ˈbræn ɪ gən)

1. a carousal.
2. a brawl.
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A drinking bout:
Slang: bat, bender, booze, jag, tear.
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CIARAN Brannigan believes patience is the key to Paul George rediscovering his best form after adding the former Celtic wonderkid to his Dromara Village squad over the summer.
Gayle Brannigan, who heads the St Mirren Community Trust, issued a rallying call to the Black and White Army to get their walking boots on to support the good cause.
MALACHY BRANNIGAN admits Dundee United need to get back in the big time to see Tannadice rocking again.
About 100 protesters attended a township board meeting Monday and called for Trustee Sharon Brannigan's resignation, the Daily Southtown reported.
Dennis Brannigan, 73, who used to run the Acklam Hotel, Newport Road, Middlesbrough, admitted molesting the girl but denied raping her.
Dennis Brannigan, of Gladstone Terrace, Binchester, near Bishop Auckland, admitted molesting the girl but denied raping her.
Andrew Hallbrook ploughed into the back of Martin Brannigan's car during a traffic jam, shunting it beneath the back of another lorry.
Engineer Mr Brannigan, a dad-oftwo married to his childhood sweetheart Julie, said his injuries meant he would never walk again, which was "devastating to me and to my family".
Victim Martin Brannigan spent around six months in hospital after he was cut free following the multi-vehicle crash, which happened between junctions two and three, near Coventry, in March.
Cars in the way has also been the excuse - very strange how the general waste bins get emptied every week and they have no problem with parked cars Gail Brannigan Gail Brannigan I'm fed up of walking half way down my street to find my bin when they empty it and to top it off someone has pinched my blue bin this week.....
Paul Brannigan, 25, has won rave reviews since being plucked from obscurity to become a leading man by veteran director Ken Loach.