n. pl. branzino or bran·zi·nos

[Northern Italian dialectal (Venetian), from branzo, claw, spine (in reference to the fish's spiny, serrated operculum), from Vulgar Latin *brancia; perhaps akin to Late Latin branca, paw, perhaps from Gaulish *branka; see branch.]
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Additional specialties include the Wild Spanish Carbineros 'Shrimp Scampi' sauteed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and lemon and the Whole Grilled Branzino, prepared on a wood-fired grill, complete with a salsa verde and charred lemon.
The mushroom dashi in a branzino fillet with smoked potato and black garlic has a savory kick to it, and fried oysters over tomato confit and saffron adlai offer a crunchy texture and taste to the usual fresh or baked variety.
Mike finds particular affinity of ros with grills of all sorts including fresh sardines, whole sea bass or branzino, shrimp, clams, even boneless leg of lamb.
Aviary's Branzino with almond crust ($19) adds more texture, while its herbal, earthy notes are the perfect complement to basil pistou and green rice.
Look for familiar whole roasted branzino (market price), grouper (also market price), lemon-thyme chicken, arancini (this version of Sicilian street food is made with Gorgonzola and pea tendrils for $14), caprese, braised pork with cannellini beans or antipasto.
Nayak's pride in his heritage is visible in the many South Indian-inspired dishes on the menu at Masti: quinoa, for example, is tossed with Keralite avvial, Mediterranean Sea bass or branzino is steamed in a banana leaf with pollichathu-inspired spices (and jalapenos!), and seafood is spiced with Goan recheado and turned into a sausage.
A revamped menu at Cucina del Capitano reflects the different culinary regions in Italy, with dishes like risotto milanese with saffron and parmesan cheese; potato-crusted branzino with tomatoes, stewed chickpeas and salmoriglio; pork chop with fennel pollen, shallots and crispy sage; and beef short ribs with porcini mushrooms, salsa verde and tomato bruschetta.
After presenting his own personal and inherently fascinating life story, the presented recipes range from Duck Legs in Potato Nests; Cheese Ravioli with Porcini Mushroom Sauce; Italian Branzino; and Pasta Calabrese; to Penne Alla Vodka; Poached Salmon Au Chocolat; Spaghetti Aglio E Olio; and Creme Brulee.
The menu highlights include black cod yuzu miso, yellow tail jalapeno, beef dumplings, and branzino con zuppa di patate.
(%) p value Burrata crostini 39 (26) 9 (10) <0.01 Beef carpaccio ** 12 (8) 1 (1) 0.04 Branzino 16 (11) 2 (2) 0.02 Lamb chops 14 (9) 1 (1) 0.01 Truffle mushroom croquette ** 90 (59) 28 (33) <0.001 Truffle risotto ** 32 (21) 8 (9) 0.02 Any truffle oil-containing item 134 (89) 45 (57) <0.001 * Four case-patients and three control subjects reported multiple meals during this time period.