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brash 1

adj. brash·er, brash·est
1. Presumptuously forward; impudent: "She couldn't imagine anyone being happy with this loud, brash, opinionated businessman" (Anne Bartlett). See Synonyms at shameless.
2. Hasty or unrestrained without regard for consequences: "his brash, ill-considered attacks on members of his own party" (Susan Dunn).
3. Arresting, pronounced, or ostentatious: brash plaids.
4. Brittle: brash timbers.

[Possibly imitative (influenced by rash) or from brash, attack.]

brash′ly adv.
brash′ness n.

brash 2

A mass or pile of rubble, refuse, or fragments, as of stone, brush, or ice.

[Perhaps an alteration of French brèche, breach in a wall, from Italian breccia; see breccia.]
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Adv.1.brashly - in a brash cheeky manner; "brashly, she asked for a rebate"
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[ˈbræʃlɪ] ADV
1. [act] (= over-confidently) → presuntuosamente; (= rashly) → impetuosamente
2. (with adj) [intrusive] → descaradamente
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[ˈbræʃli] adveffrontément
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Milton and the upstart Knights have brashly roiled the college football establishment the past two seasons, going 25-1, proclaiming themselves national champions after an undefeated 2018 and being not at all satisfied with the playoff selection committee's consolation prizes.
Nearly 2,000 people marched in the northwestern residential district of Tuen Mun on Saturday to protest against middle-aged mainland women they accused of brashly singing and dancing to pop songs in Putonghua, a Beijing dialect of Mandarin Chinese.
He talks of his "good relationship" with Ruth Davidson, who has previously stopped short of calling him a liar and, despite all evidence to the contrary, he brashly claims that Brexit will strengthen the Union, leaving the SNP, which he hopes to "swat" like a midge, without a "song to sing".
Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi, popularly known as the butcher of Gujarat, who routinely derides Pakistan for all ills facing India, brashly ordered the Indian air force to attack an imaginary Jaish-i- Muhammad training camp inside Pakistani territory.
Almost daily, Republicans brashly accuse Tlaib and Omar of anti-Semitism and bigotry, hoping to make them the Democrats' version of Representative Steve King as they try to tar the entire Democratic Party with their criticism of Israel.
At one point, he brashly faced the camera, as though to address the gallery, and went on to describe in a cold measured tone what options he was offering to his prey - a beating or a rite of degradation (that included kissing his genitals).
According to a review by ( Variety , "Vice" is "brashly entertaining," but in the end it fails to be "rich and deep," which is expected of a biopic of Cheney.
"While cameras clicked away, I felt Simon Le Bon's left hand brashly and ridiculously move to my right butt cheek.
This exhibition presents new sculptures that incorporate clothing and sound, exemplifying why Kevin has become one of my favorite young artists: his multivalent sway, his ability to organically fuse disparate media in his brashly liminal work.
"Figurative in the broadest sense," explain the VANE people, "these sculptural works collectively engage with difficult material, whether brashly explicit or operating as a disquieting undercurrent, and whether concerned with political unrest, sexuality, violence or inter-generational dispute."
It was the type of loud and sanctimonious tones that I'd heard before - brashly declaring: "yah Jonty, well I've never met anybody who voted leave either ...' or " what the oppressed workers really need..."