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brash 1

adj. brash·er, brash·est
1. Presumptuously forward; impudent: "She couldn't imagine anyone being happy with this loud, brash, opinionated businessman" (Anne Bartlett). See Synonyms at shameless.
2. Hasty or unrestrained without regard for consequences: "his brash, ill-considered attacks on members of his own party" (Susan Dunn).
3. Arresting, pronounced, or ostentatious: brash plaids.
4. Brittle: brash timbers.

[Possibly imitative (influenced by rash) or from brash, attack.]

brash′ly adv.
brash′ness n.

brash 2

A mass or pile of rubble, refuse, or fragments, as of stone, brush, or ice.

[Perhaps an alteration of French brèche, breach in a wall, from Italian breccia; see breccia.]
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Noun1.brashness - tasteless showinessbrashness - tasteless showiness      
tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste
2.brashness - the trait of being rash and hasty
foolhardiness, recklessness, rashness - the trait of giving little thought to danger
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[ˈbræʃnɪs] N (= over-confidence) → presunción f; (= rashness) → impetuosidad f
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[ˈbræʃnɪs] neffronterie f
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nnassforsche Art, Dreistigkeit f; (of colour etc)Aufdringlichkeit f
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Thurman matched his brashness in words by coming back despite the punishments.
Makinde also described as false the claims by the Ajimobi aides of brashness, noting that the security operatives were civil in their procedures of carrying out the recovery of the cars.
Rapinoe won the Golden Ball as top player and the Golden Boot as top scorer, and the United States backed up its brashness by winning while simultaneously making a strong statement for gender equity, Associated Press (AP) reported.
Despite her brashness, Meili describes the vulnerability of being a minority female in a predominantly white southern town.
Far from it -in fact, their lyrics take a dig at toxic masculinity and Talbot, despite his brashness, is open about his inner demons and how mindfulness has helped him through some rough times.
Kane's confidence and hunger should not be mistaken for brashness, though, with the striker echoing manager Southgate's warnings about a team that have often been awkward opposition.
That brashness also causes her to damage friendships and alliances, and may ruin her career.
While never finding -- or really seeking -- mainstream success, Smith's brashness and embrace of other art forms influenced a younger generation of indie bands such as Sonic Youth and Pavement.
He avoided the false bravado and brashness that has tarnished the modern game, never ducked an opponent and was down to earth.
The metallic, neon-lighted set captures the cold brashness of the dance hall but morphs readily into the velvety opulence of Vidal's bedroom; the different levels give visual variety and depth and are used very effectively by the director.
Not drawn in by the brashness of his classmates, he's had eyes on him from the get go--a triumph for the quiet thinkers among us!
The upbeat brashness of it is counteracted by classic ballads, including Leonard Cohen's Bird The Wire.