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 (brăs′ə-rē′, brăs-rē′)
A restaurant serving alcoholic beverages, especially beer, as well as food.

[French, from brasser, to malt, brew, from Old French bracier, from Vulgar Latin *braciāre, from Latin brace, malt, of Celtic origin.]


1. a bar in which drinks and often food are served
2. a small and usually cheap restaurant
[C19: from French, from brasser to stir, brew]


(ˌbræs əˈri)

an unpretentious restaurant or tavern that serves drinks, esp. beer, and simple food.
[1860–65; < French: literally, brewery]
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Noun1.brasserie - a small restaurant serving beer and wine as well as food; usually cheap
eatery, eating house, eating place, restaurant - a building where people go to eat


[ˈbrɑːsərɪ] Nbrasserie f


[ˈbræsəri] nbrasserie f
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Au nom du Directeur general de la Brasserie, Mme Danielle Ogou , chef de la division communication a precise que ce programme s'inscrit dans le cadre de la promotion de l'excellence en milieu scolaire de sorte a participer activement a l'emergence d'une jeunesse bien formee capable de faire face aux defis du developpement.
The presentation of the food at Bombay Brasserie is exceptional, with some of the dishes were adorned with edible gold leaves.
The Verve bar & brasserie F&B restaurant concept has opened at the Grand Plaza ME[micro]venpick hotel in Dubai's Media City.
Rossi brings his unique Mediterranean flair to the Mina Brasserie menu
It is more than a year since nationwide chain Cote Brasserie arrived in Newcastle to offer up French cuisine in the city centre - and it has gained quite the positive reputation.
OWNGATE Brasserie is an elegant Italian restaurant in the centre of Hipperholme.
Lucky ticket-holders will win a complimentary glass of Champagne for two at the hotel's newly refurbished La Brasserie and luxury Champagne bar.
Plans for a brasserie with an "alcohol element", to occupy one of the empty units, were announced in March but have since been scrapped after developers struggled to find an tenant.
An appetizing selection of favorites specially prepared by executive chef Daniel Patterson at Brasserie on 3 consists of the expansive carving display, fresh salads and cheeses, Japanese, Italian, and the restaurant's signature Filipino corner featuring the famed bulalo and grilled items, among others.
The new Whole Foods offers the fullest expression of the trend, with its French-themed Brasserie Honore.
ThisPancake Day, diners can tuck into a stack of elegant fluffy pancakesat their favourite Ivy Collection brasserie or cafAaAaAe