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adj. brat·ti·er, brat·ti·est
Characteristic of or being a brat; ill-mannered.

brat′ti·ness n.


informal the quality of being bratty
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Q: Speaking about the films in the 80 and 90s, weren't those protagonists a portrait of privilege, entitlement and brattiness? They weren't particularly lovable.
Kasperek's supposed brattiness -- oh, she also called herself "a bit of a punk" back then -- probably stemmed from the fact that athletics came easy to her.
"His brattiness shouldn't reach a level where it'll damage relations between the two countries," Cavusoglu said.
Transparent, though it's a study in the selfish brattiness and inadequacy of almost all its characters, has to be vigilant about not seeming to reinforce hateful stereotypes.
Given that children lack the regulatory capacity of adults, indulgent parenting can result in behaviors that are associated with "brattiness" and impulsive behavior.
"These results are the victory of democracy over rudeness, freedom over cruelty, modesty over brattiness, and peace over war.
RK "newcomers" Yusuke Iseya (Aoshi) and Min Tanaka (Okina) made quite the first impression with their formidable fighting skills as the Oniwabanshuu group's head honchos, whereas Tao Tsuchiya's Misao Makimachi made up for her stubborn brattiness with her kickass ninja moves.
Indeed, it was her participation in beauty pageants on TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras'' that snagged her a series of her own, and she makes the most of her stardom to a degree beyond brattiness.
Some people don't understand the severity of the condition, or believe that it's just attention-seeking behavior, boredom, or "brattiness."
Tracks such as Ichiban and Parker are full of urgency and youthful bombast, disguised as brattiness in the vein of Coachwhips and Times New Viking.