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 (brăt′l) Scots
1. A rattling or clattering sound.
2. A movement that produces such a sound.
intr.v. brat·tled, brat·tling, brat·tles
To make a rattling or clattering sound, especially by rushing or scampering.

[Imitative .]


a rattling or clattering sound
vb (intr)
to make a rattling or clattering sound


(ˈbræt l)

n., v. -tled, -tling. n.
1. a clattering noise.
2. to scamper noisily.
[1495–1505; imit; compare rattle]
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Verb1.brattle - make a rattling sound; "clattering dishes"
make noise, noise, resound - emit a noise


To make or cause to make a succession of short, sharp sounds:
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There is the Old North pealing suddenly out!--there the Old South strikes in!--now the peal comes from the church in Brattle Street!--the bells of nine or ten steeples are all flinging their iron voices at once upon the morning breeze!
(the 'Concentric Report') for Ameren, Eversource Energy, ITC Holdings Corp., National Grid USA, and PSE&G (the 'Client Group'), Concentric reviewed claims made by the Brattle Group ('Brattle') in an April 2019 report (the 'Brattle Report') commissioned by LSP Transmission Holdings, LLC that transmission solicitations held in the U.S.
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According to a report prepared by the economics and financial consulting firm The Brattle Group, and submitted to the Site Evaluation Committee on behalf of the Counsel for the Public, Northern Pass is unlikely to have a meaningful impact on electric rates.
Market forces alone could drive the trend, which would barely nudge electricity prices, said the Brattle Group analysis commissioned by the Texas Clean Energy Coalition, which supports natural gas and renewable energy sources.
Brattle must walk a tightrope between protecting his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny.
Thou need na start awa sae hasty, Wi' bickering brattle! I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee, Wi' murd'ring pattle!
Rare Book Talk Kenneth Gloss, proprietor of the Brattle Book Shop in Boston, will talk about and show some of his favorite finds and describe some of the joys of the "hunt,'' as well as explain what makes a book go up in value, 6 p.m.
Fire spokesman Jason Brattle said: "Firefighters dealt with the situation extremely well to knock down the fire and save so many animals."
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While attending Harvard University in the 1940s, the actor led the charge to found the Brattle Theatre Company (with Albert Marre and others).