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adj. brat·ti·er, brat·ti·est
Characteristic of or being a brat; ill-mannered.

brat′ti·ness n.


adj, -tier or -tiest
informal behaving like a brat
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Adj.1.bratty - (used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly
impolite - not polite
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The main attraction is a gigantic bathhouse that caters to the assorted spirits and is owned by a greedy, big- headed sorceress, Yubaba (Suzanne Pleshette), whose only weakness is for her spoiled, bratty, 10-foot-tall baby.
WILLIAM BRATTY, has played Santa Claus in Perth for 34 years, organising an toy collection for poor kids.
But she's in for the shock of her demonstrably shocking life when she discovers that former wild child Vinnie (Susan Sarandon) has been hiding her past, wearing nothing but beige and keeping a smothering rein on her two bratty teenage daughters (Erika Christensen and Sarandon's own daughter, Eva Amurri).
TWO cousins of murdered Loyalist chief Joe "Chinky" Bratty told yesterday of seeing gunmen shoot him and Raymond "Snowie" Elder.
The bratty pop star, 21, was trying to make a quick undercover getaway as he darted from the TFI Friday studios, where he was promoting new single Sorry.
Great idea Cathy Clapinson Oktoberfest kicks off in Coventry city centre At six quid a pint (ish) and eight-and-a-half quid for bratty and chips?
Max Irons and Douglas Booth play members of a bratty Oxford University cabal who commit an act of sickening violence, then use their connections to the Establishment to cover their tracks.
He wanted to put all the bratty child and bad boy stuff behind him.
Through a smattering of EPs they have injected their scuzzy pop with a glossy pulp fiction magazine breed of bratty punk.
But true to form the 19-year-old failed to do himself any redemptive favours following his slew of bratty behaviour during his embattled Believe gigs.
Washington, Oct 01 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber, who is known for his bratty antics, has once again proved that he has no regard for the feelings of others, as the pop star was spotted forcing his team of bodyguards to carry him on their shoulders up the Great Wall of China.
Bieber had previously been heavily criticised for his bratty ways, including allegedly spitting at a neighbour and fans, pissing on a mop bucket and speaking against a former U.