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 (brăt′wûrst′, -vo͝orst′)
A small sausage of highly seasoned fresh pork, usually served fried.

[German, from Middle High German brātwurst, from Old High German : brāto, meat; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots + wurst, sausage; see wurst.]
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(ˈbrɑːtˌwɜːst; German ˈbraːtvurst)
(Cookery) a type of small pork sausage
[C20: German, from Old High German, from brāto meat + wurst sausage; related to Old Saxon brādo ham]
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(ˈbræt wɜrst, -wʊərst, -ˌvʊərʃt, ˈbrɑt-)

a sausage made of pork, spices, and herbs.
[1910–15; < German, =brat(en) to roast, bake + Wurst sausage]
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- From German Brat, "meat without waste," and Wurst, "sausage."
See also related terms for waste.
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Noun1.bratwurst - a small pork sausagebratwurst - a small pork sausage      
pork sausage - sausage containing pork
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Visitors can put their skates on and glide around the twinkling ice rink, before grabbing a traditional German Bratwurst and sipping on hot mulled wine.
Earlier this yearMorrisons introduced another unconventional sandwich option for hungry customers, rolling out a Bratwurst & Sauerkraut option as part of a lunchtime menu shake up.
Food-wise you can expect to be tempted by the likes of Brezel (twisted-knot bread), Bratwurst (German speciality sausage), Schnitzel (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) and Schweinebraten (German-style roast pork).
Munich is the capital of the German region of Bavaria, home of enormous plates of bratwurst sausages, cuts of meat, bread and potatoes.
The pair successfully ran Not Dogs as a food stall at festivals before opening a permanent restaurant - serving hot dogs made with an eight inch Quorn bratwurst.
The German Bratwurst Museum was slated to move to an area on the outskirts of the town of Muehlhausen that was once a satellite site for the larger Buchenwald concentration camp.
An association called Friends of the Thuringer Bratwurst had announced plans to move the Bratwurst Museum from its current location in Holzhausen to Muehlhausen, where a theatre and a hotel will also be built.
Available from Asda, the range includes Sweet Chipotle Goujons (PS2.49), Bratwurst (PS2), Moroccan Tagine (PS3), Mixed Grill (PS3.50) and Creamy Laksa Curry and Rice (PS3).
On the other, Franks sports bar gives its all-American hot dog a German flavor with the bratwurst sandwich, a meaty sausage on a bun loaded with customizable toppings that go with a side dish and beer or soda, all for P335+.
Contractors received free merchandise and a lunch of fried fish and smoked bratwurst.